TVU Partyline

TVU Partyline is a broadcast-quality videoconferencing cloud platform. It enables virtual interaction and collaboration in real time for crew members, talent and contributing viewers in different locations. TVU Partyline is an ideal solution for virtual press conferences or online media briefings.

TVU Partyline allows broadcasters to develop brand new formats of news and entertainment programs. Beyond broadcast world, its potential uses include the organisation of virtual conferences and seminars, distance learning, internal and B2C corporate communication, security purposes, the broadcasting of the sessions of state administration and local self-government bodies, virtual cultural events featuring direct viewer participation, and many other uses.

TVU Partyline runs on the RTIL protocol (Real Time Interactive Layer) enabling the interaction of participants and contents with undetectable delay while preserving top-notch audiovisual quality. All the participants need is a web browser or the TVU Anywhere smartphone application, and a web address provided by the organisers via e-mail or a messenger service.

The IS+ transmission algoritm ensures a robust connection and seamless audio/video sharing for any number of participants, regardless of their connection modes. The presenter may share their entire screen with the participants, a selected window, an application, or even videos from external sources. Likewise, the participants may share their screens, engage in public or private discussions, or sign in to take part in a specific discussion.

An automatic mix-minus of all audio signals reduces any undesired echos, feedbacks, and other effects, to provide clean and clear audio transmission without the need to use headsets. It also eliminates the annoying pauses plaguing traditional videoconference systems as all participants are synchronised and subject to identical miliseconds-long delay.

TVU Partyline is integrated into the entire TVU ecosystem, facilitating the use of any virtual production sources with the TVU Producer, the connection of TVI One transmission backpacks, or even the use the traditional SDI workflow.

Key features:

  • Fully cloud-based solution
  • Flawless audio-HD video synchronisation
  • Undetectable latency
  • Automatic mix-minus to provide clean audio feed without feedback and echo
  • Simultaneous display of protagonists and live program output
  • Fully managed participants’ access and engagement
  • Quick and easy URL-based sign-in
  • RTIL protocol natively integrated into the TVU ecosystem
  • Notebook (both PC and Apple), tablet, and smartphone access